What People Don’t Tell You When Choosing A Lens

In this article we are going to go through a detailed lens buying guide.

Especially with camera lenses there are a lot of missconceptiosn to be covered. Therefore we have created a list of features to look for when buying a lens with a detailed explanation.

Lets get straight into it!

What do you need for good image quality?

Speaking of image quality there are multiple factors that define the performance of a camera lens.


The first factor that we are going to cover is sharpness. People often think that only the sensor resolution of your camera plays a role in terms of sharpness. But in fact the lens plays an equally important role in terms of getting your pictures sharp.

Especially in the edges of most lenses you are going to find weak spots. This is also called corner sharpness. In good lens reviews which you can find on dpreview usually corner and center sharpness gets measured which is very essential!


Another really important but often neglected factor is lens distortion. With distortion there are two types. Barrel & pincushion distortion. Read more on Wikipedia!

With barrel distortion you can kind of imagine the outer lines of a barrel. It would look a little bit similar to the GoPro/Fisheye effect.

While pincushion distortion is the direct opposite. Lines are curved inwards, which makes sense in comparison to a pincushion.

For illustration, we have added some pictures that are going to make it easier for you to understand the two types of distortion.

Chromatic Aberration:

Another factor people often neglect or don’t even know about is chromatic aberration. With chromatic aberration you are gonna get this effect of seeing rainbow like colors on the edges of your images. Once again we have added a picture that illustrates chromatic aberration for you!

Surprisingly all those factors are caused and highly influenced by the quality of your lens. We therefore wanted to put emphasis for you to invest money into your lens if you have a good camera body!

Size & Weight:

One last factor to consider when buying a lens is general design. For wildlife photography you would need weather sealing and features such as anti rain coatings. Other than that you don’t want to be your lens to be very bulky if you are frequently traveling. Choose a lens that suits you in terms of size and weight as you will otherwise end up not using it!

Final Words:

We hope this guide helped you to learn more about photography! Other than that we wish you as much fun as possible with photography! Keep playing with it.

Side note:

Did you read our Article on choosing the right YouTube camera yet? If not check it out under this link

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